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Last updated: 02/22/24 at 11:51am

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Snow Moon Dinner *Sold Out!

Feb 24, 2024 -

**SOLD OUT !!  There will be a Spring Moon DInner March 25th -Details Coming Soon!

Join us on Saturday, February 24th at 6 pm for an elegant evening of fine food and beautiful art celebrating the Snow Moon. The evening will feature a carefully cultivated 4-course meal surrounded by a meticulously cultivated selection of works from local artists. Experience wonderful flavors and interesting art while taking in the gorgeous mountain views under the Snow Moon.

Suggested formal attire, or, something a bit more than causal.
Blouses, dresses, and suits or ties are welcome -but not required. 

Opening Course:
Fennel Orange salad with a lemon vinaigrette, Bright and refreshing citrus salad with hints of licorice, and a zesty Mediterranean dressing to prepare the pallet. G.F. &  Dairy free
Pairs well with the Pinot Grigio. Dinner rolls & butter will accompany the meal.

Second Course:
Roasted Butternut squash bisque topped with apple cider crème fraiche,  the smooth texture of this soup will warm your belly and bridge the gap between sweet and savory.
G.F. , and Dairy-free without the crème fraiche.

Main Course:
Seared Duck Breast with huckleberry balsamic sauce & seasoned sweet potato medallions.  Crispy duck skin is complimented by the sweet-tart huckleberry sauce. G.F. &  Dairy free
Vegetarian option: Grilled & marinated Eggplant steak with huckleberry balsamic sauce & seasoned sweet potato medallions. G.F. & Dairy free Both pair well with the Pinot Noir

Final Course: Honey Walnut Goat Cheese Tart - More savory than sweet, this is the perfect end to the meal
OR Turmeric Coconut Pie – inspired by flavors in the Ayurvedic Indian drink haldi doodh, slightly sweet. G.F. &  Dairy free

*Seating is limited and only available through pre-purchase.
$60 per person or $100 per couple, add your wine for $6 per glass. 
Drinks will be available for purchase on site as well.
*Pinot Noir from Lange Winery in OR state
*Pinot Grigio from Caliche in Wa state

 Reservations are open, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.