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Last updated: 11/25/20 at 4:05pm

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Season Pass Information

Season Pass FAQ's

49 Degrees North Deferment Policy          Purchase Your Season Pass Here

Receiving your 2020-2021 Season Pass - updated 11/25/20

We will not have a Season Pass “booth” this year for picking up or printing passes. If you have not received your pass via mail yet, we are missing something from you. It could be a release waiver, a photo, or proof of your College / Military / 1st Responder status. You will need to send us this information in order to finalize your pass. The day after we receive your required item(s), your pass will be available for pick up, from Will Call, located in the Ticket Office.

If you have not received your pass in the mail and you want to visit the mountain this weekend, we can take care of you! Just swing by our Ticket Office and we will get you a temporary day ticket. If you are unable to get us the required items, please give us a call and we will schedule you an appointment to pick up your pass.

*Please note, season pass holders will not need to reserve or schedule days to use their pass on the mountain*

If you do not have a pass photo on file from a previous year, you can email your picture to sales@ski49n.com. Please note, pictures must be clear head shots, above the shoulders, with no accessories (hats, glasses, etc). Photo size needs to be 160 wide and 120 high. If you purchased a College or Military Pass, please send documentation to sales@ski49n.com. College pass holders must prove that they are taking at least 6 credits. Acceptable College documentation would be a course schedule screen shot or something official from your Registration Office, with your name, school name, and dates of courses. Acceptable Military documentation would be a copy of your orders, a copy of your pay stub, or a document showing you are a Disabled Veteran.
**Passes must be paid in full before they can be issued.

Pass Ages and Categories
Age categories for all passes are decided on pass recipients age as of December 31st, 2020. Age 0-6 are 6 & Under. Ages 7-17 are Youth. Ages 18-23 are Young Adult. Ages 24-61 are Adult. Ages 62-69 are Senior. Ages 70-79 are Super Senior. In order to qualify for the College pass, you must show proof that you are attending college, with a minimum of 6 credits. In order to qualify for the Military pass, you must show Active, Ready Reserve, or Inactive Ready Reserve Military ID.

Half Payment Opt-In
You may opt-in to the half payment option when purchasing your 2020-2021 Season Pass in person or online. Please note, passes cannot be printed/picked up unless they are paid in full. To opt in online, please check the box on the lower right hand corner will completing your purchase.

Combo Passes with Silver Mountain Resort
We have partnered with Silver Mountain to offer 2020-2021 Combo Passes! The Combo Pass this season will be two passes, one for each mountain. Remember to bring the correct corresponding pass to each mountain you visit.

 Please note, due to Silver Mountain Policy, 6 & Under combo passes are only valid when purchased along with an adult Silver Mountain Pass or adult combo pass. Please see Silver Mountain's website for more information.

Primetimer Club at 49 Degrees North
The Primetimer membership is no longer included in the Senior (Primetimer's) Season Pass. A Season Pass is not required to purchase a Primetimer membership. You may purchase your membership online here, in person or over the phone at (509) 935-6649. See more information about the Primetimer Club here.


Season Pass Frequently Asked Questions