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Last updated: 01/24/22 at 1:52pm

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New Chairlift Project

Chair 1 Update - September 2021


It’s been an eventful, project heavy summer on the mountain! It’s been incredibly fun and rewarding to be able to share bits and pieces of the progress through social media, and the response has been fantastic. We’ve been seeing a few questions popping up regularly, and want to make sure you have the latest info!

Lots of you are wondering if the new chair is going to be ready this winter. Rest assured that everything is going smoothly and within the projected timeline. The first parts of a project like this are really time consuming and not as visually impactful as the elements that come along later. The level of exacting precision required in the excavation for terminal and tower foundations is absolutely critical, as are the engineering and placement of the forms for those footings.

Having all of the parts line up properly is kind of a big deal, and the crew is making sure every element is right, every step of the way. A lot of the really exciting stages will take place over the next several weeks. We will see towers placed, top and bottom terminals constructed, the haul rope spliced and carriers hung, as we shoot for a mid-November inspection. We are so stoked to introduce all of you to our beautiful new lift this winter, and to share the continued progress as we get closer to its completion!

We’ve also heard from many of our followers and long-time guests who are wondering about the plan for the existing chair, Bonanza. That lift will remain in place through this winter, with a removal slated for sometime in the Spring. Don’t worry, we will be sure to let everyone know well in advance when we have a set plan, along with info on possible opportunities to acquire chairs from the retired lift. We know there is a lot of interest!

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Design Rendering by Uptic Studios

49 Chairlift Project