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Last updated: 01/18/20 at 9:00am

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Season Pass Processing

Here's how to pick up your 49 Degrees North Season Pass!

To pick up your pass in person:

Ready to hit the slopes? Pick up your pass at one of our fall events or at the Season Pass station on the mountain during the season and skip the ticket line! To pick up your pass, give the name of the purchaser to the Season Pass attendant. Then, either take a picture or use your 2018/19 Season Pass photo. The pass will then be printed and ready for use. Passes must be paid in full, with a picture and up to date waiver signed to be printed.

Spring Passes: Purchase your pass online or at the Season Pass station during the Spring sale for the best deal!

To have your pass mailed to you:

Choose to have your season pass mailed to you for an additional $5 per order. Once we have confirmed payment, shipping address and the correct signed waiver, your pass will be mailed between 7-10 business days. You have the option to use a previous picture or send in a new one if you choose to have your pass mailed to you. You can either upload a picture through your account online or email your picture to sales@ski49n.com.

Photo Requirements: Photos must be clear head-shots (above the shoulders) without hats or other accessories and with a white background). Recommended picture file should be a 320 X 240 image (JPEG or BMP) that is between 50K and 100K. Names of each pass holder must be included in each file name (For example:  joe_smith.jpg).

For more information, please call (509) 935-6649 x2 or email sales@ski49n.com.